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Phuket Nightlife - Vlog 322

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Phuket Nightlife - Thailand Vlog 322

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A video of a night out at Bangla Road, Patong. On this night I took a mototaxi to Banzaan fresh market to sample the seafood, before making my way to hit the bars of Bangla Road...

Bangla Road is the centre of nightlife for the popular Thai holiday destination that is Phuket.

Parts of this video include:
0:04 Leaving the hotel
1:01 Mototaxi to Banzaan fresh market
3:11 Map of the mototaxi journey
3:20 The plan for the night
3:37 Plenty of regular Thai street food available
6:21 Seafood places
6:52 Kitchen area, thankfully I didn't see any rats while I dined here
7:03 My seafood, played it safe a bit
7:48 Verdict on the meal
8:19 Typical seafood selection at Banzaan market
9:11 Bangla Road
9:27 Red Hot bar, the band were playing the popular song 'Zombie'
9:51 Counterfeit goods aplenty
10:39 Table dancing bars
11:41 A visit to Rock Hard Crazy Girls bar
12:33 Plenty of freelancers around
13:03 The Tiger Complex
14:01 Why I always end up leaving Patong with a stiff neck ;)
14:13 Clinic right on Bangla Road next to Illuzion nightclub
15:06 A wild chick
15:30 7-Eleven, always break your 1000 baht notes here and have plenty of red and green ones on hand to pay bar bills. I once had someone run off with a 1000 baht note I paid with at a bar, causing a lot of hassle that was not worth it. Have small money = no funny business...
16:36 Outro

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1st song
MasterShip Beats - K-2000


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